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Language: the main tool of the traveler

The origin of the different languages that are spoken in the world still being a great mystery for linguists. Beyond the symbolism of the Babel Tower we find that, despite the more than 6,000 registered languages throughout the globe, it exists a thinking mind, an innate universal language common to all speech that may have originated in the earliest development of our human mind, when all signals of communication were based only on sounds and gestures.

There are languages that range from the roughest grunt until the most complexes declensions, and this may be precisely the main problem of the person who travels to a country without knowing the use of this valuable tool.

One of the negatives that arise from learns a language that is not the native one is the difficulty that lies in their endeavor. A rich language in vocabulary and complex in its grammatical form produces a much more developed than a simple language with easily structure. Languages condition our perceptions of the world and life as well as our society or our way of living, hence there are languages that are very difficult to understand and learn.

But nowadays there are no excuses to learn the language we want. With the possibilities that Internet supplies to us it is not difficult to find multilingual web content that facilitate the learning of a language. Moreover, each time there are more and more websites whose purpose is to facilitate interpersonal communication through international social networking where it can be shared hobbies, culture and folk with just one click.

For those ones who are not so keen on virtual reality can always count with an autodidactic learning. This method can be developed through intensive sessions based on the display of foreign films of the language we want to learn, subtitles included. The ongoing use of a book for beginners related with the selected language is also a first step to dive into a new language.

The desire to know a new culture over reading travel guides and even the fact to cook nonnative recipes put into practice in our own kitchen help to increase the interest on a language of a specific country that is not ours.

And even if so, the person is only interested in knowing a particular place without delving into the language of the area, with the means available to them, may get one of most usual visual dictionaries, manuals of many pictures with which the traveler will be easily understood with natives to the simple fact of pointing the draws by which wants to express their messages.

As we have seen, tools are everywhere and with the peak of Internet everything is possible. The only that we need to learn a language is patience, perseverance and desires, and learning some new aspects every day we will see good results soon. It consist of open a new window to the world we have around us to let seep through the fragrance of a new way of living across a different culture. As Ludwig Wittgenstein so aptly said: ‘The limits of my language are the limits of my mind’

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