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Nowadays, who doesn’t have a phone? I’m not talking about those mini fashionable mobile phones that are used by excited Japanese girls, or the well-known iPhone that everybody -not me, has. Either landline, mobile phone or even over Internet (programs like Skype), the truth is that we are completely connected to our society like monkeys jumping from branch to branch. And as in a jungle, we can determinate personal features of the user only attending to their device, this is, the phone. Because like nature, our values are influenced by the things we own.

If some years ago it was unthinkable to live without our phone, now, the answer to this question would be part of an imaginary and insolate primitive world. One of the common situations where the presence of the mobile phone is very intense starts almost when we woke up to go to work. People on the metro, for instance, reading the morning news in their phones, teenagers listening to music by the same way, some guys coupled up to the game of the moment, and of course, the business man talking with… yes! The phone! It’s incredible how something so small can make so much things of itself.

Paradox: the phone talks about us. We find mobile phones with stickers, false diamonds, old phones with smell of vintage style, phones with lid –that makes of us interested people when we answer the call, phones with antenna! Phones for everybody with different applications for each person. But if there is something that is equal for all people who has a phone is the call.

In this point, we are all similar facing a call. Because when is our mother the person who call us, we can read ‘mommy’ on the screen. Even our mother-in-low (in this case, we will see ‘mummy’) But what happened when the number who calls doesn’t appear in the screen? What happen when ‘unknown’ is calling? We have to answer. Some people just drop the call, but in some moment of their life will take the call: allo, hi, what’s up? The answer doesn’t matter. We have started the game of a ghost call. When nothing is written on the screen, we can’t guess who is in the other side of the phone. And in that precisely moment, that call can change our life.

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